Trumpet voluntary (summary)

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This book deals with the story of a man whose loves bring him many different dangerous experiences. In this retrospective story, our main character called Derek, a viola musician, who remembers how his life has arrived to the point where he is at the moment, married with his best friend from the music academy, Rachel. He begins by recalling how he arrived to London to learn music many years ago, which was what he had been wondering for a long time. There, he met many different people who would be really important in his future. The most important events of this period of his life were his platonic love with a Polish girl named Malgosia who fell in love with an older music student who was really self-centred and the most popular
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• Malgosia: This young girl is Dereck’ s wife. She is the most beautiful girl in the School and because of whom everyone is madly in love with her. She is from Poland and she is studying in London. This shows his enterprising spirit which makes her improve everyday. We could also say that she is a perfectionist in every area in her life. In love terms she always feels something about Tibor, although his behaviour is not the best. From my point of view his relation with Dereck lies just in friendship and when she breaks up with Tibor she feels alone and our protagonist takes advantage of the situation. In fact between her and Dereck there is never a usual lovers relation.
His quite love disappointments make her so upset that she decides that committing suicide is the only solution.

• Tibor: He is the most popular guy in his the School. He is very famous between girls because of his appealing and his sense of humour. He is very rude with unknown people although he is neither friendly with his closer people. We can prove this by the way he cares Malgosia and many other loves he seduces. He is always lying her while their relation, and long time after this relation is finished he perceives bothering her. So we can say that he is selfish and monopolizing.

If we talk about the characters motivations that provide the basis of the story these are their music tastes that make them go learning

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