Un Beso Antes De Morir Resumen

1315 palabras 6 páginas

Autor: Ira Levin
Título hispano: Un Beso antes de Morir
Formato: Encuadernación Rústica (Paperback)
Editorial: Perseus Books Group
Tema: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Hard-Boiled
Idioma: Inglés
Peso: 454 gramos
Estado: Nuevo
ISBN: 0786711647
ISBN 13: 9780786711642

A Kiss Before Dying

I’ve read the book called Kiss Before Dying. It’s a criminal novel written by the author Ira Levin, who also have written the well known books Rosemary’s Baby and The Boys From Brazil. Enough about that, Now I’ll give you a summary about what the book A Kiss Before Dying is all about:


Dorothy and Bud are a couple who attend the Stoddard college in Blue River. They love each other, and things were running nice until a
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------- http://www.shvoong.com/books/1830314-kis… Sinopsis:

Desde niño, Jonathan se ha sentido impresionado por la fortuna de Thor Carlsson y como adulto está dispuesto a destruirle y hacerse con el control de sus empresas. Tras enamorar a una de sus hijas, decide asesinarla cuando ella confiesa que está embarazada y que su padre puede desheredarla por ello. Finalmente, se convierte en el prometido de la otra hija de Thor, pero ésta quiere descubrir todos los detalles de la muerte de su gemela.

The dark story of Bud Corliss, a greedy young man, who longed for all the privileges that money can bring, without expending much effort! He was worshipped and spoiled by his mother since young, and brought up to believe that he was meant for status and wealth. He lied, planned and plotted to court rich women or marry rich heiresses. If he had put that amount of effort into his studies or work, he could have made it on his own.

At the Stoddard University, he met and courted the daughter of the president of Kingship Copper, Inc. Dorothy was a girl who yearned for love and attention, something she longed for so much during her growing years. Her mother had left when she was young, and her father ignored her and her sisters most of the time.
Dorothy got pregnant, but Bud would not want to marry her now, else Dorothy’s father would certainly disinherit her. He tried to get her to abort the child, giving her some pills, which

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