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Pronunciation Guide
This guide will help you to understand and use the pronunciation symbols found in this dictionary.
The British pronunciations given are those of younger speakers of General British. This includes RP (Received Pronunciation) and a range of similar accents which are not strongly regional. The American pronunciations chosen are also as far as possible the most general (not associated with any particular region). If there is a difference between British and American pronunciations of a word, the British one is given first, with NAmE before the American pronunciation.
p pen /pen/ b bad /bæd/ t tea /tiː/ d did /dɪd/ k cat /kæt/ ɡ get /ɡet/ tʃ chain /tʃeɪn/ dʒ jam /dʒæm/ f fall /fɔːl/ v van
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Technically, the sound is a ‘tap’, and can be symbolised by /t̬/. So Americans can pronounce potato as /pəˈteɪt̬oʊ/, tapping the second /t/ in the word (but not the first, because of the stress). British speakers don’t generally do this. The conditions for tapping also arise very frequently when words are put together, as in not only, what I, etc. In this case it doesn’t matter whether the following vowel is stressed or not, and even British speakers can use taps in this situation, though they sound rather casual.
The glottal stop
In both British and American varieties of English, a /t/ which comes at the end of a word or syllable can often be pronounced as a glottal stop /ʔ/ (a silent gap produced by

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