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American Journal of Infectious Diseases 5 (4): 295-300, 2009
ISSN 1553-6203
© 2009 Science Publications

Dengue during Pregnancy: A Study of Thirteen Cases

Christiane Fernandes Alvarenga, 2Vânia Glória Silami, 3Patrícia Brasil,
Maria Elizabeth Herdy Boechat, 3Janice Coelho and 4Rita Maria Ribeiro Nogueira
Health Surveillance Services of the Azevedo Lima Hospital, ZIP Code: 24130-616, Rio de Janeiro, 30,
Teixeira de Freitas Street, Fonseca, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Department of Pathology, Universitary Hospital Antonio Pedro, ZIP Code: 24033-900, Rio de Janeiro,
303, Marquês de Paraná Street, Centro, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Institute of Clinical Research Evandro Chagas/Fiocruz, ZIP Code: 21040-900,
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J. Infect. Dis., 5 (4): 295-300, 2009 this manuscript, we describe 13 serology confirmed cases of dengue in pregnant women, together with the fetal consequences in the maternity ward of a general tertiary hospital.

infection to delivery was 18.3 days with a SD of
29.7 days (1-85 days).
Among the pregnant women who successfully gave normal (9 month) birth, the average period from symptom onset until birth was 36 days, with a SD of
44,4 (1-85). A different scenario was evident among the pregnant women who evolved to premature birth, where the average was 5.8 days, with a SD of 1.2 (5-8).
In our cases, 1 patient infected in her first trimester of pregnancy and another in the second trimester evolved to premature birth. From the 11 patients, infected during their third trimester, 6 beared prematurely. Five births were via vagina, 7 via Csection and there was 1 spontaneous abortion. The Csections were due to obstetric indication, as a consequence of acute fetal suffering (4) 57%.

This is a descriptive study from the tertiary hospital
Azevedo Lima maternity ward, in the City of Niterói,
Rio de Janeiro, with a capacity for about 3.000 births/year. Source of data and patients: Dengue/DHF is a disease reported by a surveillance program tem. The review of the Data Base included the cases from January 1st to
December 30th, 2002, for

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