Villains. rasputin.

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Chapter 1

The childhood of Grigori Rasputin the was spent in a village in Siberia. His parents were farmers and worked hard.
When the summer came played in the outdoors with his sister Maria, and his brother Dimitri.
Maria a day playing in the river drowned, nobody knows how it happened, and But Rasputin was to blame for not monitor.
Another day was to play the forest and Dimitri drowned in the river, asked for help a man. He recovers but later died of pneumonia.
Gregory was the only child of his family.
Gregory discovered his powers, a day when to his father you robbed the horse, he said who it had stolen, and became a legend.
I married and had three children; I was driver a man he was studying as
…ver más…
I released this anger on many other people.

Chapter 2

Soon the man asked me marriage, I wasn't very pretty. I tried to impress at the royal court of France. I bought some high heels, I was awesome. My married life was not very happy, I was in love with my husband, but he was in love with a woman who was twenty years older than me, I was jealous.
I had no friends at court; I did not have any kind of power. I lived a quiet life; many people said I was a mystery. I learned French, Latin, mathematics, Greek, by educated.
I had a passion for tarot cards and consulted the stars to make decisions. My favourite astrologer, Nostradamus predicted the death of my husband would be in a duel.
I like the potions, so call me "Madame Serpent"

Chapter 3

The older brother of my husband came to occupy the throne of his father, but I wanted to be queen and my husband the king, I needed to get a woman to get the kingdom.
The girl was preparing good food but was poisoned. My plan worked, I will be queen.
But the people did not want a queen with royal blood, and also said they had no children.
I asked for help to the stars and said I was going to have 10 children, so was I had ten children, but three children died, the rest were kings of France.
Shortly after died the father, of my husband, I felt sorry.
During the mandate of my husband, I did not decide anything.
My husband died as foretold by the stars, and my son Francis became King.

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