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Violence which we have intense experiences, it is part of our every day experience. Sometimes invisibly his presence accompanies our daily interactions. Arguably, violence-circulates in our environment.
Our society is permeated by violence as every class society. Establishing. Power relations between routers and ruled, where it appears oppression, authoritarianism, and the discrimination.
There are different forms of violence in the world: war, murder, torture, disappearances, for which they have sought different ways to combat it. But there is also the family or domestic violence against which our society has not found adequate
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--Strong adherence to the dominant models of gender,
--Social consensus about the abuse exercised within the victim left helpress.
In situations of violence are two actors: A victim and a victimizes .Both parts of the family system, whith Keeps the same. In tolerating connect their personal strength and weaknesses; converge and contribute to situations which have the particularity of promoting violence, which is to become violent.
The victim can be described as a vulnerable, passive, compliant, dependent, which costs hard to escape the abusive situation. They are usually physically or emotionally unable to report the situation in which they find themselves.
Several factors can influence this: fear, shame, etc. Exhibit low self esteem, depression and fear of not being loved, feeling guilty of creating a situation where they are.

The offender is often a family member. Several studies on allowing perpetrators characterize as having low self-esteem have explosive tempers.
Bohme people being able to use violence as a possessive personality hard to understand and cope with situations and unable to externalize their guilt.
Wolf and pillage in a recent study showed that the victim and the offender are joined each other for a long and complex relationship of reciprocal demands and needs. This dependence can generate hostility, frustration and abuse.
Those aspects that is not possible in

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