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Tsunamis are generated by different natural effects like earthquakes, seaquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, underwater explosions or even the impact of a meteorite or comet on the ocean.

1-. Relationship between tsunamis and the rock cycle Tsunamis affects the rock cycle when the huge wave reaches the land. The rock may suffer weathering because of this environmental factor that is water (the tsunami) and erosion, that is when the sediments that compose the rock are transport or move through, in this case, by the water of the tsunami. Also the impact of this wave may kill submarine and land living species, so the rests of the plants or animals affected by the tsunami could become fossils in rocks, in asphalt or
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* Lisboa: The Lisboa earthquake which was a 9 in the Richter scale had its epicenter in the Azores- Gibraltar fault. Part from destroying Lisboa it made the floor tremble reaching Germany. This caused a great tsunami that affected all the Atlantic coasts. This tsunami killed millions of people. * Krakatoa: A huge and strong volcanic eruption destroyed the 45% of the island and caused a tsunami that killed approximately 20.000 people. * Mesina: In the south of Italy, Sicilia y Calabria, a very strong earthquake was produce together with a seaquake that completely destroyed the city of Mesina, in Sicilia. In that natural disaster approximately 70.000 people died. * Pacific Ocean: An earthquake in the Pacific Ocean created a tsunami that killed 165 people in Hawaii and Alaska. * Alaska: A great earthquake of 8.5 degrees in the Richter scale almost destroyed a whole mountain, generating a mega tsunami of 580 meters high. That was the biggest wave ever seen. * Valdivia: The biggest earthquake of 9.5 degrees in the Richter scale, that affected the south of Chile, generated a tsunami that affected all the coastal areas surrounding the Pacific Ocean. * Tumaco: An important earthquake of 8.1 degrees Richter caused a tsunami that reached the city of Tumaco causing great damage. * Nicaragua: An earthquake between 7.2 to 7.8 degrees in the Richter scale generated a tsunami that affected great part

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