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XBOX 360 – Three Red Lights of Death Repair Manual

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Contents 1. Reasons why this works 2. Getting prepared 3. Opening the case 4. Removing the motherboard 5. Removing and preparing the heat sinks 6. Fixing the heat sinks 7. Check point 1! 8. Check point 2! 9. Other tips and tricks

Reasons why this works. When Microsoft designed the 360, they chose a slightly unusual way of mounting the heat sinks to the processors. When the console is running, there is a tremendous amount of heat build up inside the case. This causes the motherboard to flex against the X-Clamp support plastic (see
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You don’t have to use a wooden skewer for this. If you have a metal rod (or the inside of a BIC type pen) this will work too.

Removal of the left side piece is identical to the first except you need to remove the hard drive (if you have one) before it will release. Also, one of the holes (where you’re going to put the skewer is covered by the Xbox’s rubber foot. Remove the foot to reveal a hole

so you can release the clasp holding the side piece to the unit. Once both side pieces are removed, we can open the white body of the case as follows: 1. There are 6 retention slots on the rear of the unit and 4 clips on the front of the unit 2. Unlatch the four front clips first using the terminal driver. 3. Once all 4 are undone, gently lift up the front of the case about an inch 4. Locate the six slots on the rear of the unit 5. Using the terminal driver, push gently but firmly inwards on each slot in turn 6. If done successfully, you will hear a click each time. 7. Once all 6 are unclicked, we can lever up the rear of the case and remove this half completely.

8. Flip the unit over and you will see 14 silver screws and 8 black screws. Remove these using the T10 Torx driver and the T8 Torx driver respectively. 9. Once all the screws are removed, turn the Xbox over and you can lift off the top part of the case.

10. To remove the DVD drive, simply lift upwards. Disconnect the power cable and the Sata cable from the drive

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