a Love For Life

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“A love for life”

Author’s life: Penny Hancock
After several years in London, Penny Hancock now lives in Cambridge with her husband and three children. She is a part-time primary school teacher at a speech and language school and has travelled extensively as a language teacher. “Tideline” is her first novel.

Fanella is a single woman who loves children very much but unfortunately she is unable to give birth to a baby. She hopes to adopt a child with her boyfriend. However, her boyfriend leaves her for another woman. She is shock and sad. It means that she has to adopt a child alone, which seems hopeless. But she tries to face it and manage it by herself.
She finds her real happiness sincerely in her life. She knows how
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Also he wasn’t sure why he wanted to see her but when he was driving away he realized that he needed her, but now he was feeling blue because he was not going to interfere in Fanella’s life, he didn’t want to confuse her more and he will stay away from her because she had enough with Ellie, especially because the best for her was a single man.
* Hypocrite (101): Now that she is feeling that she would lose Rod, now she told him that she trusts in his innocent, that she had never change her mind of his innocent and she told him that she never realized that she was not supporting him. I consider that this Is really hard to believe d because at first she want sure about his innocent and just when she feel that she can lose him is when she realized that she was wrong. Ellie * Discourteous (58): Here we can see that Ellie was a spoiled girl she want Fanella to do what she want Fanella thought that it was because she need things to be predictable or maybe because she was missing Rod, her teacher, but this was not a reason to cry all the day, Fanella should learn that if you give everything to Ellie she will be bad raisin. *
Spoiled (61): Her we can see that Ellie refused to go to school and all that was because she didn’t like the temporally teacher, she relay like rod and

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