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Red Water


This story begins with a girl called Tricia.
She talked about two important events that happened the same day, at the same time y different parts of the world. It was Thursday May 12th
This two events apparently do not have relation between them.
They are separate events.
The first one is about the murder ( to kill someone) of a man called Winston. This murder happened in Africa. The killer was a man called "the sweeper" .
Winston worked on a big international company, he just lost his job. He was scared (afraid).
The sweeper went to Winston's house and his wife understood the message. The massage was that the sweeper knows where she and her children live. So she understood they were in danger. She understood his
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Daniel told Tricia that Winston was dead, that the company said he committed suicide, but the body was found.
Tricia started to look in the web for information about mining activities in the Ivory Coast. most documents were in French, but Tricia speaks French.
She found out that Ivory Coast was rich in gold, diamonds, oil, gas. Also there is Cobalt, this radioactive, it is used in batteries.
Daniel called his friend John, he is a teacher at the University of East Anglia, and also is a member of Carban.
John gave Daniel a website and a password to find more information. the website belongs to a bank.
They found there was a plan for building two dam in a town called Soubre, one in the north an the other in the south. Te bank is financing the one in the South, in this place there is a Cobalt mine. That cobalt mine is covered by water now, and maybe they want to reprocess the cobalt from the water, is cheaper than from the ground. but it is a contaminating work, that contaminates the water and rivers.
They found the company behind this, the name is "Tricolas".
Tricia turned white an left to the bathroom.


Tricia went home and went to his father desk while he was out, and look into his computer.. She knew that Tricolas was her father's company. Tri form Tricia and colas from Nicolas her brother. She thought about the password and it was peregrine (his father Yacht had the name of Peregrine Falcon). She found all the information,

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