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The Internet offers a new and fascinating medium to reach potential customers. It offers a significant advantage that sets it apart from other mass-media: the possibility to interact from the first moment. With just a click, the client can reach the information he or she seeks about products or services, contact the vendor and make the purchase in a single moment.

Through, your product, service or brand can reach the minds of over fifteen million consumers of higher education and specialized information from Latin America, Spain and Hispanic communities of the United States and the world. We can help you create a marketing campaign of specific target, effective and of regional or localized reach. has been ranked first in the world as the most accessed educational resource sine June 2006. We offer flexible advertising opportunities and tailor made marketing campaigns, featuring promotion on our thousands of in-site resources and our weekly newsletter -received by more than 4.1 million college students, teachers and independent professionals (as of September 2008).

We can also generate exclusive databases, surveys, CRM projects and statistics, to ensure the successful promotion of your brand, products and services.


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