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Short Story Review
This Short Story Review explores the text "Recitatif", by Toni Morrison, which has twyla and roberta as the main characteres, involved in a psychological confilct, wondering if they were those who offended Maggie, the kitchen woman, with a hidden prejudice. Tell us about their lives since they got at the shelter, called St. Bonny's, when they were just little kids, going through their teenage on wich Twyla, also the story teller, that is to say we have a story with a first person point of view, is working at the Howard johnson's when she sees Roberta, "she was sitting in a booth smoking a cigarette with two guys smothered in head facial hair"( page 29), but at first, she does not remember her or perharps pretend not to, then goes to when they were grown ups, with husbands and children, letting us aqquainted with the racial strife commited or not by the main characteres. The story starts with Roberta and twyla arriving at the shelter, called St. Bonny's, as they were not real orphans, Twyla's mother used to dance all night long and Roberta's was sick, so that's why they were on the shelter, the other kids of St. Bonny's didn't like them at all, by the way both girls did not like each other at first, we can see it when Twyla says: