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Wh- Questions allow a speaker to find out more information about topics. They are as follows:

You use You want to know When? Time Where? Place Who? Person Why? Reason How? Manner What? Object/Idea/Action

Other words can also be used to inquire about specific information:

You use You want to know Which (one)? Choice of alternatives Whose? Possession Whom? Person (formal) How much? Price, amount (uncountable) How many? Quantity (countable) How long? Duration How often? Frequency How far? Distance What kind (of)? Description


The “grammar” used with wh- questions depends on whether the topic being asked about is the “subject” or “predicate” of a sentence. For the subject pattern, simply replace the person or thing being asked about with the appropriate wh-word.

• Someone has my baseball.
Who has my baseball?

• Something is bothering you.
What is bothering you?

For the predicate pattern, wh- question formation depends on whether there is an auxiliary verb in the original sentence. To make a question using the predicate pattern, first form a yes/no question by inverting the subject and (first)


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