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Candle Makers
The candle makers were responsible for providing the major source of artificial light at the Adobe.
Each student is to make two candles.
Autumn was the usual time for candle-making in early California. Long hours were spent boiling (rendering) down the fat of the newly slaughtered beef into tallow. Not only was the job sweaty and hot, but the odor of the rendering fat was also unpleasant and the product was far from perfect; the candles burned too rapidly, buckled in warm weather, and gave off fumes and smoke.
Other sources of wax were available-spermaceti and beeswax-but both were expensive, and candles make from them were reserved for special occasions. It was not until the discovery of paraffin in the 1850’s that the average family could enjoy the luxury of bright, steady, and smokeless illumination. 07-22-06

Candle Making Station
Materials Needed: (*Provided by Park)
* Long Candle Sticks
* Candle Rack
* Wicking
* Putty Knife
* Scissors
* Wax scrap bucket
* Bucket for water (always standing by the candle pot to diffuse an out of control fire) Pens (the class needs to supply these)
Masking Tape (the class needs to supply this)

Station Set-up:
The park staff will start the fire under the candle pot in the morning before your program. If this is not done, do the following:
1. Remove the lid from the candle pot. It can sit next to the door into the
Leather Room on the timbers that are lying on the ground.


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