Freddy's Fabulous Frogs

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A Tongue Twister Tale


S.E. Schlosser

Fabian Frogmorton stole Freddy's frog Fats on the Friday of the town of Flowerpot's Fabulous Frogs Contest. Freddy was furious. Fabian Frogmorton had cheated Freddy out of the Fabulous Frog Award last year. Fabian had fed Freddy's frog flies just before the Fast Frog Frolic, the final race in Flowerpot's Fabulous Frogs Contest. Freddy's frog had been too full to frolic, so Fabian's frog had finished first.

Freddy reported the theft to Flossie French, the teacher in charge of Flowerpot's Fabulous Frogs Contest.

"Fabian Frogmorton registered Fats as his frog." Flossie French fussed. "Can you prove Fats is your frog?"

Since Freddy couldn't prove he'd found Fats in the pond last Friday, Flossie French couldn't do anything about the theft. Freddy was frantic. He did not want Fabian to win Flowerpot's Fabulous Frogs Contest for the fourth Fall in a row.

Freddy had to find another frog. During lunch, Freddy went down to Felix Frasier's creek. Freddy was still fuming about Fabian, and he did not see the tiny frog until the frog jumped away from him. It was the highest hop, made by the teeniest frog that Freddy Friedman had ever seen!

Freddy chased the frog all the way up the bank of Felix Frazier's stream before he caught it. The frog opened its tiny mouth and croaked furiously in protest. It was the most fabulous sound Freddy had ever heard.

"You are the