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Escola Secundária da Liberdade
Date: 6th, June of 2012

Fullname: Sheuzia Jorge Muchanga
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Research Job


As a way of introduction I can say that the majority of the Mozambican families need to seek for a guilty person when there is a case of certain death, husband or wife.
The concern stems from the fact seek guilty of believing that people die of natural cause’s over-(spell) and not by disease diagnosed in a hospital. This causes people to continue to seek answers and guilty for the death.
Women are seen as guilty for the death of men. Rare are the cases in which men are seen as guilty.
"The widow needs to be purified to prevent that this condition causes diseases to their children’s, so that will not create obstacles to their personal and professional life".
In the present work I will explain about this cleansing of widows - called Kutchinga.

Kutchinga is the rite that requires a woman who recently lost her husband to have sex with the younger brother of her deceased husband. This is for purification purposes, and to prevent a great tragedy to strike within the family.
Similar practices are recorded in other parts of Mozambique, but with other denominations. In Sofala, for example, we have kupitakufa.
The central idea is that between the death (or Lifu in Tsonga) is not only a sad event, a great moment of pain for the loss of the deceased, but also "a


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