Portfólio sobre o livro cry freedom

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Part I – Portfolio Introduction
This portfolio refers to the book Cry Freedom, written by John Briley. Cry Freedom is a dramatic story, based on actual events, about the friendship between two men fighting against apartheid in South Africa in the 1970s.
The aim of this portfolio is to demonstrate students´ ability to read, write and prove that they are able to summarize the most important aspects of the book studied.
This paper will be developed in three parts: * Part I is the portfolio introduction in which will be given the most important information about the book; * Part II is the author´s biography. In this part I will tell the professional and the personal life of John Briley;
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In 1985, Briley began developing a musical about Martin Luther King, writing the book and lyrics and acting as co-producer, originally for American Playhouse. He left the project in February 1989 after contract negotiations broke down. A different version opened in London in 1990. Briley attempted to obtain an injunction, claiming he had paid the King family $200,000 in personality rights.
In 1987, Briley again teamed up with Attenborough for Cry Freedom, about the South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko. Briley had disagreements with Donald Woods, the journalist whose books formed the basis of the script. Briley viewed the nonviolence of the Black Consciousness Movement as principled, whereas Woods felt it was a tactical decision. Although Woods feared Briley lacked an awareness of the complexities of political debate among black South Africans, those shown a preview of the film felt it was realistic.
In 1993, Briley switched agents from International Creative Management to the William Morris Agency. In 1998, he was a founding partner of "the Film Makers Company", a venture intended to encourage film production in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and was planning to relocate to there. He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival in 2000.

Part III - Summary
Cry freedom is a real life drama recorded as a movie. As I said before, it is a book written by John


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