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Unit 1 ­ Brands 1­ a) Krispy Kreme , Poilane, Tide, Harley­Davidson, Cheerios, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, Fritos Lay’s launch of Stax and Procter & Gamble’s Pringles. b) Doughnuts, bread, motorcycles, potato crisps. c) Kevin Roberts, Seth Godin, Ben McConnell. 3­ a) exclusivity b) obstacles and conflicts f) overcapacity Over to you 1 Some products make people's heads and that’s why they can camp overnight to buy or if exist any promotion, to win the product. This is what is happening with the release of Iphone 5, people are already at the shop door, camping to buy the new cellular from Apple. I, particularly, will never camp overnight to buy or win some product because I think it will be a waste of time and maybe exist a better and easy way to get the product. Maybe I camp overnight to go to concerts or see someone really important for me, but not exist any product to make me do this. In the world is full of people and they are different, each one do what they want to be happy and each one have a different opinion. Over to you 2 Hello, my friend I’m writing this email to tell you about the products that you have interest and I bought or used them recently. I will make a list to you understand better. 1­ The store that I liked most was a Century 21, because I felt free to try anything I wanted and the sellers help me a lot. I bought many


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