Analisis de la situacion actual de los derechos y deberes del paciente.

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Child Abuse

Unfortunately child abuse occurs more frequently than what society might think. Many times children are abused by their parents, caregivers, family, teachers or others. The problem is that usually children do not know that they are being abused, nor to what extent. In many cases the incidents end up being unreported. In others, children continue being victims without knowing it. What is sad is that in some other cases the children never receive any help and they lose their lives because of the abuse.
There is a new case where a couple, Norman White 34, and Alegra White, 27, are accused of beating their 8 year-old daughter while naked, with a belt for about seven hours. The incident occurred on Wednesday March 17, 2010 in
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In conclusion, we as society know about child abuse. It is not enough to know not do something. We have to remember that children are vulnerable: they do not have all the physical, emotional abilities and experience that we as adults possess. Our responsibility is to protect them. This is a problem that it is difficult to eradicate. However if we work together we can diminish the number of incidents and allow many children have a safe and beautiful childhood.


New York Post: ‘Child Defender’ beat his kid. March 20, 2010

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