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Entrepreneur for 23 years. He founded and directed Design companies Facial SA. De CV and Imaging Business Executive for 23 years and employs more than 200 women.
• Communicator in print, radio and television. He has worked for 10 years, in the main news radio in the country.
• Author of 10 books. Each and every Best Sellers, with record sales in Mexico (over 2,000,000) which have become the most widely read woman author of the country.
• Speaker at national and international levels since 1988, with topics on: Image, protocol, life, women, achievement, adolescents and communication.
• First image consultant in the country, transformed the image of approximately 20, 000 people, at all levels.
• First to
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Rowling long to realize that she was not meant to be a secretary. Self described as “the worst secretary ever, very disorganized”, she found it increasingly hard to remain attentive during meetings, actually writing story ideas instead of taking notes as she had been instructed.
When Ms. Rowling was 26 years old she moved to Portugal to be an English teacher. Ms. Rowling has been quoted many times as saying she loved teaching English, often teaching in the afternoons and evenings so that she could be free to work on her writing during the mornings. It was during this period that she began working on a story about a ‘wizard”.
Ms. Rowling met and married a journalist in Portugal (he was Portuguese), and her daughter Jessica was born in 1993. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, the marriage ended in divorce and Ms. Rowling, along with her infant daughter, moved to Edinburgh, Scotland so that J K could be near her younger sister, Di. It was during this time that Ms. Rowling became determined to not only finish her Harry Potter ‘wizard’ novel, but to get it published. Often she would write in restaurants, where she and her daughter could stay warm while she wrote. Ms. Rowling requested a grant from the Scottish Arts Council, which she eventually received, in order to complete her book. When it was completed and after several rejections, Ms. Rowling sold the novel, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, to Bloomsbury in the UK

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