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Culture Aztec
The State Mexica (Nahuatl, Ēxcān Tlahtolōyān), commonly called the Aztec Empire Mexican political education was derived from the territorial expansion of the economic dominion of the city-state, Mexico-Tenochtitlan, which flourished in the fourteenth century in Mesoamerica. It was led by the Mexica-Aztecs also known as a people who, according to some historical documents as the Pilgrimage Strip, was from a mythical place called Aztlan, which is often located outside the confines of Mesoamerica . However, it seems plausible that the Aztecs were a people of purely Mesoamerican cultural tradition and not the descendants of groups dedicated to chichimecas hunting and gathering.
The Aztecs established Mexico-Tenochtitlan in the
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According to the Aztecs, the output of the island was made into seven groups or calpultin of which was the stronger the huitznahuaque, which had as patron god Huitzilopochtli, accompanied by the teomamaques or priests who carried the various sacred tlaquimilollis or packages, containing remains of the ancestors or various objects still very sacred to the tribes.
The Codex Boturini announces the official route made by Mexico, including sites of Hidalgo and Mexico, which were successively expelled. By this time many altepetl already had centuries of settlement and with a higher degree of civilization and assimilation of the Mesoamerican tradition, which the Mexica watered all their knowledge. Altepetl of Texcoco Acolhua even at the stage of splendor Mexican intellectual supremacy continued keeping Mexico-Tenochtitlan (with a home or amoxcalli splendid books) and a moral stance on the Mexican and noble type as having a toltecayotl older.
Upon arriving in the Valley of Mexico the Aztecs found a complex political

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