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Common Customs of China
The Chinese are a lot more relaxed about some of their customs than other Asian cultures. As a waiguoren (Westerner), you're not expected to necessarily understand various customs, so you'll be let off the hook to a large extent. t doesn't hurt for the foreign barbarian to be a little civilized every now and then. Read on for advice on specific customs.
Gift Giving
It's traditional to bring a gift when invited to someone's home. Usually fresh flowersor fruit are your best bet (the number eight is considered lucky, so eight apples or eight oranges is a good idea) or, of course, anything from home. The more expensive the gift, the more respectful, but don't go over the top or you'll embarrass your hosts, who may
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n China, however, guanxi goes way beyond a simple means of aiding you in a job search; it is a way of life, and everyone uses it and depends upon it to get anything they need or want. So you're considering going to graduate school? Well, then, you'd better start buttering up the dean of the department you'd like to enter. Hopefully, you have enough money to buy him gifts of foreign cigarettes, imported fruit, or maybe a bottle of expensive brandy, because otherwise your chances are very slim. This system of using guanxi is apparent in all aspects of life in China, from buying hard-to-come-by train tickets, to obtaining a foreign exit visa. Don't necessarily think of it as bribery or corruption or you'll go insane - you might look at it as admitting the reality of how the system works, especially in a country of such an impossibly dense population. Be aware that the system of guanxi is the way to get by in China and you're not going to change that alone. You may well get caught up in it yourself: why did that nice young woman give you a silk scarf yesterday, for example? Did she say something about wanting to study abroad? Then again, you really need a trainticket to Shanghai for next week; maybe that businessman you've beentutoring in English for free could help you out? Be careful about developing guanxi in China, and remember that it works both ways.


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