Desarrollo y estado actual de la administracion

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The Market is everyday changing, the companies have need of getting knowledge about tecniques, methods and marketing tools, to get a more efficient and management Services to be more competitive in the market.

An adequate marketing plan is important, the growing process of the market which let us to establish objetives and to desing plans and necesary strategics to get a wide knowledge of the clients necesities.


C.I DRANV LTDA is a distributor of sport clothing line with projection to comercialize other products, satisfying the necesities of our clients and offering the best Services in Distribution, Logistic, Training Courses and Assesory Services that generates a mutual benefit.

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In Colombia the Textil Industry and confection is very important because it represents a big part of Colombian exportation. This industry produce 600.000 direct an and indirect employment an important factor by the Colombians economy.

General Information
Nickname: Sunshine State
Capital: Tallahassee
Date of admission to the Union: 3rd Mar 1845
Population: 17,019,068 (2003)
Population density: 99.9 per sq km 2002 total overseas arrivals/US ranking: 4,416,000/2 Time: Eastern (GMT - 5), in the greater part of the State. Daylight Saving Time is observed.
The State: Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with visitors heading to ‘The Sunshine State’ in search of fun, sun and thrills.
Florida is divided into eight geographical regions: Northwest; North Central; Northeast; Central West; Central; Central East; Southwest; and Southeast Florida & the Keys. Situated on the southeastern tip, Miami and Miami Beach have long been a haunt of the rich and famous, and star-spotting is a popular pastime here. The city also has a well-established Cuban sector called Little Havana

Social Profile
SPORT: Florida’s sports opportunities are endless. Greyhound-racing is held in Bonita Springs, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, the Keys, Miami, Orange Lake, Palm Beach, Pensacola, Sarasota, St Petersburg and

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