El corazon de los estudiso culturales

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Grossberg, Lawrence EL CORAZÓN DE LOS ESTUDIOS CULTURALES: CONTEXTUALIDAD, CONSTRUCCIONISMO Y COMPLEJIDAD Tabula Rasa, Núm. 10, enero-junio, 2009, pp. 13-48 Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca Colombia
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Tabula Rasa ISSN (Versión impresa): 1794-2489 tabularasa@unicolmayor.edu.co Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca Colombia

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and I have believed, for my entire academic career, that cultural studies matters not because it is the only intellectual practice that can tell us something about what’s going on in the worlds in which we live, but because it is a different way of doing intellectual work, and as a result, it can say and do certain things, it can produce certain kinds of knowledge and understanding, which may not be so readily available through other practices. In this essay, I try to define the common project that binds together the many different forms and formations of cultural studies. I start by telling two stories: the first, largely auto-biographical, retrospectively reads my desire for cultural studies out of my experience at the centre for contemporary cultural studies (cccs) at University in the U.K.; the second will describe the project of cultural studies as the effort to produce knowledge based on a commitment to radical contextuality and constructionism, and a political engagement with the possibilities of social transformation. Explicating the conjuncture as the specifically cultural studies notion of context, I briefly show how different formations of cultural studies can be seen as responses to different conjunctural problematics. Key words: cultural studies, radical contextualism, constructionism, center for contemporary cultural studies (birmingham). Resumo este artigo explica meus compromissos e paixões pelos estudos culturais. creio que as idéias

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