Ensayo sobre la razón y la experiencia

1775 palabras 8 páginas
The Pearl Chapter 1
1. What Happened to Coyotito?
Coyotito was stung by a scorpion.
2. Who did Juana want bringing for the baby?
Juana wanted to bring the doctor

Chapter 2
1.How did the beggars know that Kino and Juana were poor?
The beggar knew that Juana and Kino were poor because they saw their way to dress.
2. How was Kino going to pay the doctor?
Kino was going to pay the doctor with 8 pearls.
3.Why did Kino hit the doctor's gate with his hand?
Kino hit the doctor's gate because he was angry with the doctor.

Chapter 3
1.Why was the canoe valuable?
The canoe was valuable because was from Kino's family since years ago.
2.What was Juana praying for?
Juana was praying for Coyotito.
3.Where did the oysters
…ver más…
Chapter 12
1. What was in the shawl on Juana's shoulder?
Was the Body of Coyotito.
2. What did Kino do with the pearl?
Kino throw it in the

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