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Central Washington University

Outside Plant Communications Distribution Design Guide

(Revision 1.1)

May 25, 2001

Conley Engineering, Inc. Consulting Electrical Engineers

Table of Contents

List of Figures ii
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Introduction 1 Document Intent 1 Type of Construction 2 New Construction Overbuild Construction Basic Construction
Designer Qualifications and Design Standards 4 Designer Qualifications 4 Design Standards 4 References, Standards, and Codes Manufacturers Deviation from Standards
Design Considerations 7 Overview 7
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In addition to specifications for a telecommunications project, plan drawings and schematic diagrams will also need to be produced by the designer. The drawings should conform to the guidelines contained in this document.

In addition, this document is not intended to replace or detract from the Customer-Owned Outside Plant Design Manual (CO-OSP) produced and distributed by BICSI.[1] Rather, this document is to be used in conjunction with the CO-OSP in order to reinforce selected CO-OSP content as well as highlight any differences between CO-OSP and CWU standards.

Type of Construction

Throughout this document, reference will be made to three types of construction: new, overbuild and basic construction. Construction of a new outside plant communications distribution system as well as the addition to and/or modification of an existing outside plant communications distribution system are considered to be included in these construction projects. Tradeoffs between design standards and practicality will many times be dependent upon the type of construction. Different design approaches may be warranted given differing types of construction.

Π Construction Reference ϕ This is an example of a reference to the text at the left Where the type of construction is applicable to the current discussion, a superscripted circular number, such as this ϕ, will make reference next to the text. This number refers to a

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