Historia de ciencia ficcion en ingles

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Medellín, 1/12/2500
It was a normal day for everyone in Medellín when suddenly one of its beautiful mountains appears a time capsule, which has become a great warrior of the future since it has a single goal defeat a creature which have been sent from space to breed and wipe out humanity that creature came the December 6, 2500.
Medellín, 2/12/2500
The warrior goes where the mayor, who gets a small meeting with President of Colombia, but what tell him he has to wait until the next day.
Medellín, 3/12/2500
President arrives to address this serious problem not only for Medellín, but for the entire planet.
Guerrero: Mr. President, the situation is that this alien out to all mankind, and where I come from, only 10 humans, 8 of them were
…ver más…

10:30 Pm
The alien uses to hide because he knows that is no longer possible to hide but as the warrior knew that the alien should go back where their eggs, the warrior walk to the top of the mountain where they were eggs.
11:35 Pm
Reaches the top of the mountain and loads his gun he realizes that he only got two silver bullets
"I can not

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