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Chapter 1. 1. Why was the fertilizing room an important place?
It was an important place because it was the place were humans are mass-produced. 2. How did the Bokanovsky process cause social stability?
The fertilized eggs of high-level humans, those we know as Alphas and Betas, will each become a single human being, but the eggs of low-level humans, the kind we know as Gammas, Deltas, and the lowest of al, Epsilons, are treated with substances that stop their normal growth and cause them to divide into 96 identical humans each, this is called the ‘Bokanovsky process’. 3. What happened to the female embryos?
They let 30% of the female embryos develop normally. 4. According to the Director, what was the secret of
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2. What did Bernard realize about John and Linda and what made him realize this?
That Lenina was the wife of the Director, he realized it because of the history that the Director explained to him. 3. Why did people on the reservation think Linda was bad?
Because she was with the man of other women and it was not good seeing that.

Chapter 9 1. Why did Linda feel ashamed to be John’s mother?
Because in the Other Place it’s not well seen that woman have babies, they say that everyone belongs to everyone else, that animals and savages are mothers and have babies, not them.

2. What did Linda tell John about the ‘Other Place’?
That everyone belonged to everyone else and everyone was happy and never sad. 3. Why did Mustapha Mond agree to let John and Linda come to London?
Because he might find he savage and Linda of scientific interest.

Chapter 10 1. What reason did the Director give the workers for transferring Bernard?
The Director told to the workers that he is very talented and that gives him a lot of power to influence others, he’s extremely dangerous because his unorthodox behavior can damage society. 2. What events caused the Director to feel humiliated?
That Linda had his baby, and then his baby, John, came into the room and said “My father!” in front of everyone that made him feel humiliated. 3. How did Bernard’s life

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