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SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION The document "Compilation of Air Pollutant Emissions Factors" (AP-42) has been published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 1968. Supplements to AP-42 have been routinely published to add new emission source categories and to update existing emission factors. AP-42 is periodically updated by EPA to respond to new emission factor needs of EPA, State, and local air pollution control programs and industry. An emission factor relates the quantity (weight) of pollutants emitted to a unit of activity of the source. The uses for the emission factors reported in AP-42 include: 1. Estimates of area-wide emissions. 2. Estimates of emissions for a specific facility. 3. Evaluation of emissions relative to …ver más…

Surface loading is in turn replenished by other sources (e.g., pavement wear, deposition of material from vehicles, deposition from other nearby sources, carryout from surrounding unpaved areas, and litter). Because of the importance of the surface loading, available control techniques either attempt to prevent material from being deposited on the surface or to remove (from the travel lanes) any material that has been deposited. 2.1 PUBLIC AND INDUSTRIAL ROADS While the mechanisms of particle deposition and resuspension are largely the same for public and industrial roads, there can be major differences in surface loading characteristics, emission levels, traffic characteristics, and viable control options. For the purpose of estimating particulate emissions and determining control programs, the distinction between public and industrial roads is not a question of ownership but rather a question of surface loading and traffic characteristics. Although public roads generally tend to have lower surface loadings than industrial roads, the fact that these roads have far greater traffic volumes may result in a substantial contribution to the measured air quality in certain areas. In addition, public roads in industrial areas can be often heavily loaded and traveled by heavy vehicles. In that instance, better

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