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ALAMPTRIA - RED MOON RISING Chapter 1 The Dark Night •By 1434, the Cranopleton treaty, shakily forged between the Elysians and the Bramonians, had fallen. Armored swordsmen clashed their steel weapons amid the dusty sand storms on Shillian’s Plateau. There were many brave soldiers, yet among them, none could match the power and skill of the proudest Elysians, the Seaton brothers. They were the commanders of three legions. Each set out to lead his army to victory. It was due to their leadership that the land was soon covered in thousands of the slain. But the Bramonians were tenacious, and war between the two was far from over. On one particular night, after darkness had fallen, …ver más…

“Brutus, this is an inspiring plan. We get political chaos and the Seatons will be no more.” She smirked. •“Indeed. A carefully created plot can be quite fatal,” said the knight. •“Still, what if one were to walk in and witness the extermination of the Seatons?” she asked. •“We’ll make no mistakes.” •“No,” Salina’s face was dark. “We’ll have to give this more thought. I don’t mean to offend you, but we can’t afford any mistakes. The slightest mishap could lead to terrible repercussions for those carrying out this political assassination.” •“Salina, I assure you; this will work. The Seatons will fall into this trap. It is like a dog caught in a snare,” he smirked. “Once the trap has you, it never lets go.” •“Brutus, you’re a paragon of the sinister, and you are turning me on.” Salina leaned in close to his face. “Tell me more.” •“Yes, of course. But,” the knight backed up. “I really would like it if the two of us discussed it together with Agnon himself. Ah, by the way, where would Agnon be sleeping these days?” Salina gulped down her drink and smiled at the intoxicant’s warm glow. 10.•“I will take you to him in the morning. But now, how do you bring warmth to a cold body?” She dropped her clothing and stood naked in front of him. “Any ideas, Brutus?” 11.•“Indeed, all work and no play makes

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