Modelacion de gases

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Gas Handling System Dynamic Simulation
Proposal No.: OP000832 Date issued: June 22, 2010 Revision No.: 3 RFQ No.: [RFQ Number] Copy: Jorge Godoy A.

Customer: CODELCO CHILE Mill/Plant/Site Name: DET – Fundición Caletones Attention: Claudio Carrasco Olguín Millán 1020 Rancagua, VI Region, Chile Phone: +56 72 295231 Fax: +56 72 295286 E-mail:

Contact: ANDRITZ AUTOMATION Division: Andritz Chile Limitada Proposal Manager: Andrés Rojas G. Isidora Goyenechea 3600 Oficina 202, Las Condes Santiago, Chile Phone: +56 2 462 4600 Fax: +56 2 462 4646 E-mail:

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The IDEAS simulator provides a method to verify process design before problems are encountered, test the control system before the equipment is installed, and train operators to optimize operation and handle difficult situations without jeopardizing process equipment. Checking Control Logic before Startup (not included):

The IDEAS “Virtual Plant” is used to remove logic errors from the control system.

When the CODELCO dynamic model is connected to the new control system (Bailey DCS migration) during staging in Rancagua, the control logic can be tested before startup. ANDRITZ AUTOMATION has successfully

Plant Control Room

Simulator Control Room

DCS Control System

Process Control Cabinets

Automatic Conversion


Soft Controller


Process Model

Proposal Ref: OP000832 Revisión 3 June 22, 2010

Instructor Station

Gas Handling System Dynamic Simulation

used this method of staging controls for many years. Certify Operators (not included): CODELCO operators will be trained using the same interface they will see in the real plant, but linked to the dynamic model of the CODELCO process. This will allow your operators to go through startup, shutdown and abnormal operations many times, and then tested and certified for operation in conjunction with our training partner, TECSUP. CODELCO operators will be able to train

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