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We are an innovative and integrated group. Our mission is to provide our outstanding paper and cardboard products as well as paper and office supplies.
Our collaborators are committed and focused towards continuum improvement.
We work to satisfy our clients’ needs.
We are responsible with the environment, education and the community as a whole.
We are together in the innovation and improvement process.
“To have in each member of our staff an innovative agent”

Our commitment
• We have passion for our work
• We are proactive in the action
• We are focused on the fulfillment of our goals
• We are eager to develop our competencies.
Satisfied clients
• We know and serve their needs and
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In 1982, the first machine Papelesa purchased in Ecuador for the manufacture of double-ring notebooks. In 1984 he began building a new plant. Papelesa created products very different from the competition.
In 1985 he created the first commercial center of Ecuador paper (CCP) to market and distribute their products.
In 1990, Grupo Papelesa diversified their production to the paper industry cartonero invested in machinery for the manufacture of continuous forms, machines bought reams of photocopy paper and a box factory microcorrugated cardboard and export products.
For its technological innovation, ongoing investment and development of new products, Papelesa became the most comprehensive group-cartonero paper industry in Ecuador, with a processing volume of 60,000 metric tons per year (in 1974 produced 180). Today it is located within the 300 largest companies in Ecuador and has a turnover of approximately $ 60 million of dollars.
It has 650 employees and facilities of 70,000 m2 and 50,000 m2 of land between warehouses and industrial park, located in the Industrial El Sauce(11.5 km via Daule).
Papelesa paper industry is the largest of its infrastructure and human resource.

Papelesa All products have been designed and developed based at the beginning of segmentation by type of user: provides products school and office supplies, universal forms and papers for the printing

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