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Getting Started With the R Commander∗
John Fox 26 August 2006


Starting the R Commander

Once R is running, simply loading the Rcmdr package by typing the command library(Rcmdr) into the R Console starts the R Commander graphical user interface (“GUI”). To function properly under Windows, the R Commander requires the single-document interface (SDI) to R.1 After loading the package, R Console and R Commander windows should appear more or less as in Figures 1 and 2. These and other screen images in this document were created under Windows XP; if you use another version of Windows (or, of course, another computing platform), then the appearance of the screen may differ.2 The R Commander and R Console windows float freely on the
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Data Submenus containing menu items for reading and manipulating data. Statistics Submenus containing menu items for a variety of basic statistical analyses. Graphs Menu items for creating simple statistical graphs. Models Menu items and submenus for obtaining numerical summaries, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, diagnostics, and graphs for a statistical model, and for adding diagnostic quantities, such as residuals, to the data set. Distributions Probabilities, quantiles, and graphs of standard statistical distributions (to be used, for example, as a substitute for statistical tables) and samples from these distributions. Tools Menu items for loading R packages unrelated to the Rcmdr package (e.g., to access data saved in another package), and for setting some options. Help Menu items to obtain information about the R Commander (including this manual). As well, each R Commander dialog box has a Help button (see below).


Figure 2: The R Commander window at start-up


The complete menu “tree” for the R Commander (version 1.2-0) is shown below. Most menu items lead to dialog boxes, as illustrated later in this paper. Menu items are inactive (“grayed out”) if they are inapplicable to the current context. File |||||||Open script file Save script Save script as Save output Save output as Save R workspace Save R workspace as Exit - from Commander |- from Commander and R

Edit ||||||Data || | | | || || | | | | | | | |-

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