No Comebacks And Other Stories

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Points For Understanding.

No comebacks How wealthy was Mark Sanderson?
He was a millionaire, he had plenty of money. Complete the blanks in the following sentence: Mark Sanderson was thirty-nine years old, rich, famous and bored. Sanderson met a woman at a party. Describe this woman The woman was tall and atractive, brown hair tied in the back of the neck and not wearing make up or jewelery and she was wearing a white dress. She had about 30 years old. Why had Sanderson never seen this woman before? Because she was an spanish girl that have been in England just for one week. What did Sanderson say to Angela on their last evening together?
That he wanted her to stay with him and for that he wanted her to
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Where did Calvi have lunch?
He had lunch in Ondara.

The job was easier than Calvi thought. In what way had the weather helped the job?
Because there was a thunder.

In what way had the weather made sure “there’ll be no comebacks”?
It was the best opportunity to kill the man because there was a thunder and there would be more possibilities of no one hearing a thing. Explain the title of this story.
The title of the story explains that money cont solve everything and when yo take a decision yo have to take care of the comebacks

There are some days… Describe the lorry which Liam Clarke was driving.
The lorry was a green and white Volvo.

“Your lorry won’t move far”, said the customs officer. Where was Liam’s lorry?
It was in Ireland. Why would it not move very far?
Because he must have his repaired. Where did Liam stay for the night?
He was going to say in Rosslare.

What happened as the mechanic was finishing the repair to Liam’s lorry?
That the afternoon ferry from France sailed into Rosslare harbour.

Describe the lorry Murphy and Brendan were waiting for.
It was a green and white lorry.

How many bottles of brandy were in this lorry?
There was nine thousand bottles of brandy.

A black Ford Granada followed Liam’s lorry. Who was in the Ford Granada?
There were Murphy and Brendan. Why were they following Liam’s lorry?
To advise

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