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Competencies Chapter 1 1) Explain how the traveler and tourism industry can be categorized, and classify hotels in terms of their size and target market.
The hospitality industry is part of a larger enterprise known as the travel and tourism industry. The travel and tourism industry is a vast group of businesses with one common goal: providing necessary or desired product and service to travelers. They can be categorized in 5 groups: * Lodging Operations * Transportation Service * Food and Beverage Operations * Retail Stores * Activities
Size or number of guestroom in a property- * Under 150 rooms (little) * 150 to 299 rooms (medium) * 300 to 600 rooms (large) * More than 600 rooms (mega)
Target Markets-
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The mission statements express the underlying philosophy that gives meaning and direction to hotel policies.
Goals are those activities and standards an organization must successfully perform or achieve to effectively carry out its mission. A goal is more specific than a mission; it requires a certain level of achievement that can be observed and measured.
To achieve its goals, a department or division establishes strategies. Strategies are the methods a department or division uses to achieve its goals. Tactics define how goals will be achieved. They are the day-to-day operating procedures that implement successful strategies. It is important that goals and strategies set at the departmental and divisional levels complement and support the property’s mission and its property-wide goals.

2) Describe how hotels are organized and explain how functional areas within hotels are classified.
Hotels organize by management guides the operation of the hotel and regularly reports the general state of the hotel’s and regulate reports the general state of the hotel’s financial health to its owner. The major duties of a hotel management team include planning, organizing coordination, staffing, direction, controlling and evaluation hotel activities and/or personnel.
Since no two hotels are exactly alike, organizational structures must be tailored to fit the need of each individual property. The charts in these charts in this chapter illustrate

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