Personajes de the prision of zenda

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Rudolf Rassendyll
ØHe is rich Englishman, age 29 years old.
ØWell-educated and intelligent
ØDoes not believe in working for a living as he is comfortable with his inheritance and social
ØFun-loving and adventurous
ØCompassionate and kind.
ØAgrees to impersonate Rudolf the Fifth to help him save his throne.’
ØA man of honour
ØFalls in love with Flavia but sacrifices his love for the sake of the King.
ØA brave warrior who risks his life to rescue the King.
ØTrue and loyal to the Princess and keeps his promise of being the ‘Queen
King Rudolf the Fifth
Ø King of Ruritania who loves good wine and hunting.
Ø Not respected by many of his people as he is always abroad.
Ø Carefree and humorous
Ø Laughs loudly and
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ØThey are involved in the kidnapping of the King.
ØThree of them are constantly guarding the King while another three follows the Duke wherever
he goes.
ØThe Six are 1) De Gautet -> French
2) Bersonin -> Belgian
3) Detchard -> Englishman
4)Ruperf of Hentzau (leader) -> Ruritanian
5)Lauvengram -> Ruritanian
6)Krafstein -> Ruritanian

Rupert of Hentzau
ØThe leader of The Famous Six.
ØYoung, handsome, brave, reckless and the most wicked of them all.
ØNearly kills Rudolf.
ØA fine swordsman and brave fighter.
ØA daredevil who likes to get what he wants.
ØEnjoys taking risk and challenging his enemies.
ØCan be courteous when he wants to be.
ØIs greatly in love with Antoinette and challenges the Duke to possess her.
ØKills the Duke and flees to another place.
Countess Helga
ØPrincess Flavia’s lady-in-waiting and her trusted friend.
ØFritz falls in love with her and marries her.
ØLoyal and supportive of her husband and her country.
ØKnows about Rudolf and the Queen but able to keep a secret.
Ø Meets Rudolf together with Fritz with messages from the Queen.
Johann Holf
ØThe forest guard of Duke Michael.
ØFears the Duke and is a weak man.
ØIs friendly with the inn-keeper’s lovely daughter.
ØKeep Rudolf informed of the Duke’s evil plan.
ØTells Rudolf about the King’s condition especially his illness.
ØAble to help Rudolf to plan by providing him details of the layout of the Zenda castle.
ØNot very…

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