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Cylinder & System Lubricating Oil Qualities and New Engine Development MAN B&W Diesel Two-Stroke Engines Contents: Introduction Engine Development Lube Oil Quality in Relation to Engine Loading
• How do we detect a “poor” performance oil?
• Lube oils with letter of No Objections Design of Cylinder and System Oils
• Some lube oil failures observed
• Lube oil condition
• Test of lube oil for main lube oil system
• Test of cylinder lube oil Operational Aspects
• Cylinder lube oil feed rate
• Running-in of engine
• Contamination of system lube oil
- Stuffing box sealing system
- Stuffing box design
- TBN level consideration
- Cleaning of drain oil
- Summary on contamination
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This means that the engine designer needs reliable methods to verify component temperatures. The common practice is to measure such temperatures during testbed trials at a given load. Such data from all engines can be readily compared because the new engines are still “clean”, the diesel fuel used is very similar in performance all over the world, and the load can be kept steady. When subsequently comparing the component mean temperature of different designs, the engine designer will have been able to ensure that a constant level can be kept. The engine design department of MAN B&W Diesel has been careful in ensuring to keep main component temperatures constant and at a level where good lube oil performance can be expected. This was achieved by re-design of cooling techniques, new component designs and choosing alternative component materials to overcome local high temperatures. The result of this development process (and standard in the latest engine designs) are the high-topland OROS piston, the piston cleaning ring and the controlled pressure relief (CPR) top ring.

The new OROS piston design has proved to be superior to older piston designs, in regard to gas side surface temperatures, coolant side surface temperatures, mechanical integrity and ease of overhaul. On the high topland OROS pistons, the

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