Q & A Wuthering Heighs

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Questions on the text

Chapter 1:
Why did Mr Lockwood visit Wuthering Heights?
Because he heard the house, Thrushcross Grange, was available for renting. The owner of said house was Heathcliff, who lived at Wuthering Heights. He went to Wuthering Heights first (braving a very bad snow storm) to converse with the owner about renting the place, and stayed overnight due to the snow.

How would you describe Mr Heathliff?
He is the antagonist of the story and the main catalyst. He's adopted by the Earnshaw's and becomes the prodigal son of Mr.Earnshaw. He also has a violent disposition and is known for mental and physical violence. His disposition causes the death of many of the characters.

Chapter 2:
Who were the people Mr
…ver más…

Chapter 6
What did Cathy look like when she returned home after five weeks?
She was transformed, her hair was beautifully combed, she whore blue silk dress and she spoke more politely.
Why did Heathcliff throw a glass at Edgar?
Because Edgar said that Heathcliff looks like a horse.
What did Heathcliff promise himself after being punished?
He promised that ine day he'll get her revenge on Hindley.

Chapter 7
What happened to Hareton's parents?
When he was four mounths old, his mom died, and after this his father started to drink and became violent.
What did Cathy confess to Nelly?
That Edgar Linton asked to marry her.
What was Heathcliff's reaction when he overheard Cathy?
Heathcliff desappeared since the day of the storm.
What did Cathy do and what happened to her?
Cathy go outside to search Heathliff and she started to cry. The next morning, she had a fever and she was stil crying.

Chapter 8
Where did Cathy go when she was better?
Thrushcross Grange.
What happened on the first day of June in 1783?
Edgar and Cathy get married.
Who appeared six months later?
What were Cathy's and Edgar's reactions?
They were surprised, and they didn’t know what to say.

Chapter 9
What did Isabella confess to Cathy?
That she was in love with Heathcliff.
What did Cathy and Nelly advise her?
That Heathcliff isn't gentleman, he is a wild animal.

Chapter 10
What was Heathcliff's reaction when Edgar told him to leave the house?

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