Respuestas De Las Preguntas Del Libro Short Stories De Oscar Wilde

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Chapter 1
1. Why was Lady Gladys Windermere's last reception before Easter so successful?Because more people of usual had met in Bentinck House, and all were important person like ministers or some beautiful and elegant high society women.
2. What did Lady Windermere say she planned to do the following year? Why?
She is going to be in a balloon all year because her palm reader says that she will be in great danger both on land and at sea.
3. Why did most of the guests agree that palm-reading should only be practised in private?
Because they think that the palm reader could know some things about their which they didn´t want know other people.
4. What happened when Mr
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She was a dear old lady , she was hi second cousin on his mother side, there was no possibility of gaining any vulgar monetary advantage be her death. He had been always very fond of her.
4. Why didn't Lord Arthur want Lady Clementina to take the capsule at once?
Because he told her to wait until she had an attack then she would be amazed at the result.

Chapter 4
1. Why was Lord Arthur unhappy when he was in Venice?
Lord Arthur had afraid that Lady Clementina had had an accident.
Also, he was concerned about Sybil because he thought that he would be separated from her forever.
2. What was ironic about Lady Clementina's will?
A few days before she died, she had made her will and she had left Lord Arthur her little house in Curzon Street, as well as all her furniture, personal effects and pictures.
However, Lady Clementina had never paid any attention to her accounts and he must pay now.
3. What did Lord Arthur realize when Sybil found the capsule inside the box?
He discovered that Lady Clementina had died a natural death and really she hand´t taken the capsule.

Chapter 5
1. How did Lord Arthur choose to murder his second victim? Why was this a suitable method to use on the Dean of Chichester?
He decided to blow his uncle with an explosive machine.
2. How did Lord Arthur find what he wanted, and how much did it cost?
His friend Count Rouvaloff gave the address of Herr Winckelkopf him.
He doesn´t cost

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