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Chapter 5

1-He started inviting his friendo to his house gave a loto of money to the poor and because very religious.

2-He was shoked at the change in his pale and thin he looked much older.

3-Because there were again the words´ death or disappearance just as in jeckyll´s will.

4-He leant that Dr Jeckyll didn´t do any thing and something was worrying him.

5-Suddenly, Dr Jeckyll had an expression of terror on his face and closed the window quickly, so Mr Utterson left the courtyard terrified.

Chapter 6

1-Poole visited him because he thought that there has been a crime at Dr Jeckyll´s house.

2-He took a candle and went with Mr Utterson to Dr Jeckyll´s laboratory.

3-It was different because he thought that his
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Jekyll´s handwriting and a big closed envelope.


Chapter 9

1- Dr. Lanyon took a drawer with chemicals, a small glass bottle and a notebook.

2- The man was small and there was something strange and evil about him. His clothes were expensive and of good quality, but they were much too big from him. He looked ridiculous.

3- When the man put some of the chemical in the glass the mixture changed colours and vapour came from the glass.

4- After he drank the liquid in the glass his whole body began to change and he became Henry Jekyll.

Chapter 10

1- Dr. Jekyll began to do chemical experiments because he wanted to separate the good and the bad part of a person and to give each part its own body.

2- He felt younger, happier, free and really evil.

3- He was smalles, thinner and younger than Jekyll because the evil side of his personality wasn´t as strong as the good side.

4- Dr. Jekyll was shocked one morning because he went to bed as Jekyll and he woke up as Edward Hyde.

5- Jekyll was worried because the Hyde side of him was becoming stronger than the Jekyll side. He decided that he had to choose between the two parts of his personality and that he had to stop changing from Jekyll to Hyde.

6- No, he wasn´t completely happy with his decision because he didn´t destroy the chemicals and he drank the potion

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