Resumen De Kidnapped

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Chapter 1
One fine spring Morning, in June of the year 1751, a young man named David Balfour was getting ready to leave his village in Scotland. The priest walked with Davie for a while, he thinks that it was the right time to see more of the world. The priest give Davie a letter from his mother, a small Bible and a silver coin; the priest said that in the letter was the direccion to the Shaws house: Balfour.
Davied could has a new start in the Shaws house.
The next day, David go to Cramond and when he got there he go to the Shaws house, he knocked at the door and then and old man with a pistol appeared (Ebenezer), Davie explain his reasons to be there and they started talking about the letter.
After that Ebenezer invited Davie to his
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The waves carried him away, but he struggled to stay on the surface. Davie swam for hours and finally got to land, he was unable to move and soon fell asleep. When he woke up, he notice that he was on an island, he waited for help.
David saw a boat heading for the island, some fishermen from a village called Mull rescued him. The fishermen had met Alan and knew the two of them were friends; they told David that Alan was in the town called Torosay. Then a blind man whom he met on the way helped David get to Torosay.
Chapter 8:
Next morning, they set off again, after hours of walking, they reached the end of a mountain range. As the day progressed, their travel became very difficult.
They must reach Ben Alder Mountain, David’s body ached more than ever. They had travelled far enough from danger, suddenly, four men appeared with knives, Alan talked to them, they were men of Cluny MacPherson. They followed the men and then, they were in a large space with many paintings decorating the cave walls.
David an Alan stayed there for some days and in that time, Alan played cards with Cluny and lost in the game David’s money.
When David know this, he told Cluny to give him the money, because he was sick and he need it.
Chapter 9:
Cluny’s men lead Alan and David to a new hiding place, they did not talk much on the journey. Alan felt terrible for losing David’s money in a game of cards and wanted David to make him feel

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