Resumen Great Expectations De Charles Dickens (Inglés)

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This is the story of a boy called Philip Pirrip whose parents were both dead. He was brought up by his sister and her husband, who used to call him Pip instead of Philip. One cold winter afternoon he was at the graveyard, cold and frightened. Suddenly he heard a terrible man’s voice who threatened to cut his throat. The man was wearing torn and muddy clothes, and his shoes were old and broken. He also had an iron chain on his leg, he was a convict. He asked Pip where he lived, who his parents were ad who he lived with. When he knew Pip lived with a blacksmith, he asked the boy to get him a file and some food for the next day. The man also told him that a young man was with him and he could find him wherever he was.
Then the man went
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A pretty girl beautifully dressed welcomed them. The girl’s name was Estella. She left the boy in but not his uncle. They went into the house by a side door, because the front door had chains across it. Inside it was dark, the curtains were drawn and the shutters closed. The girl led him across several passages and up a staircase with one candle. When they got to a room, the girl asked Pip to go in.
He knocked at the door and a woman’s voice told him to come in. the room was large, full of furniture and lit by candles. Sitting at a table was the strangest woman Pip had ever seen. She was wearing a wedding dress, had bride’s flowers in her hair, but her hair was white. There were suitcases full of dresses and jewels. She only had one white shoe on. Then Pip realized that over the years, the white wedding dress had become yellow, the flowers had died and the bride had grown old. Only her dark eyes showed she was alive.
The woman’s heart was broken so she thought she’d like to see a child play. She asked Pip to call Estella to play cards with him. When she came in she didn’t want to play with Pip because he was so common. When he made mistakes she laughed and was cruel to him. Miss Havisham asked Pip to whisper to her what did he think about Estella. He said he thought she was proud and cruel, but very pretty. Then Pip wanted to go home. Miss Havisham told Pip to come in six days and ordered Estella to give him something to eat and drink. Pip

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