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The film begins on a truly whimsical note, with two young men, Guido Orifice (Roberto Benigni) and Ferruccio Orefice (Sergio Bini Bustric) motoring through picturesque sun-drenched countryside on their way to an Italian city to join their uncle and work with him. The car breaks down, and while Ferruccio attempts repairs, Guido, a happy-go-lucky but intelligent sort, wanders to a nearby farm. There, a beautiful woman, Dora, (Nicoletta Braschi) falls out of a hayloft, into Guido's arms. He is immediately smitten, though she is merely amused by his antics as he tries to impress her.
When the two men reach the city, Guido's plan to open a bookstore are scuppered by the inadvertent (though comical) upset he causes to the local councillor whose
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When Guido is working as a waiter (and still trying to win Dora) , he encounters a school inspector who will visit her school. Guido turns up early, posing as the inspector, only to find out that the inspector was to deliver a race superiority lecture to the pupils. Guido invents a funny and satirical alternative. Of course, we, the audience, cannot fail to see the irony of a bunch of dark-eyed and sallow-skinned five year olds receiving a lecture on the superiority of the blue-eyed, blond Aryan nation. When the teachers in the school complain that mathematical problems such as "What is the total cost to the state if the cost of each lunatic is four crowns and each cripple five, and there are 20, 000 in total" are being asked of the pupils, it is not because the questions are sinister and tasteless, but because the multiplication is too difficult for five year olds. The teachers rue that" it is not too hard for a German five year old".
The second half of the movie focuses on the characters rather than the horror that confronts them. Guido is forced to work in the ironworks at the camp knowing that if he can no longer work, he will die. Even though he is weak and dreadfully tired after every day, he keeps a cheery face for Joshua so that the facade of the game never drops. This sometimes requires him to take extreme risks but Guido

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