Resumen the smuggler

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The smuggler resumen
Hfst. 1
Harker sits in his hut when the phone rings. He picks it up and recognises Ezra. He asks a couple of times 'where is it' but Harker doesn’t know what he is talking about. Ezra is coming to see him and that’s why he writes a poem. Some time later Ezra comes in his hut and two men grab him.

Hfts. 2
At the frontier in the custom shed the phone rings. It is inspector Roland. He says to one of the two custom officers to watch for John Samuel Fame. Why? He doesn’t say. A few minutes later a car stops at the frontier. It is John Samuel Fame. They turn over to his car and search it but they find nothing.

Hfst. 3
John Samuel Fame is on his way to see Harker. He had an appointment at 10 o’clock and he's half
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When they finish their coffee they see the Bald (waiter) walking to his car. They follow them man to the Imperial hotel. Room 304 is Ezra’s room and the bald man with his men are staying in room 303, next to room 304.

Hfst. 11
Fame goes to the frontier to do his business as usual. At the frontier Silver gets a phone call that they must search Fame’s car carefully, when they do that they find nothing.

Hfst. 12
The Inspector knows that Harker is dead. Fame is driving to Zara in Darna, and then, in the hills of Darna he hears some shots.
He hears men shouting at his car. Fame stops and gets out of his car, falls down a hill and lands in the bushes. Ezra is at the top of the hill and says 'come out of those bushes with your hands up!'.

Hfst. 13
Ezra ties Fame’s hands and puts him in the dark blue car. Skull goes to Fame’s car and drives after the dark black car. After a while Ezra says 'we are enemies now'. Fame says nothing.
When they come into Darna they stop by a house and take Fame inside. They put him in the cellar.

Hfst. 14
A few minutes later Skull comes into the cellar and says 'the boss wants to talk to you'. Ezra asks a few questions about the stolen head but Fame doesn’t know anything. Ezra has the poem too and asks Fame what it means. Fame doesn’t know.
Then Ezra lets Skull into the room and asks again what the poem means. Fame doesn’t know and Skull hits him.

Hfst. 15
Fame is back in the cellar and he doesn’t know how many

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