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Our study has consisted of verifying that type of brackets the patient prefers and as he it evaluates, and simultaneously the orthodontic evaluates since it. We wanted to quarrel if professionals and patients coincide. In a group of 60 persons chosen at random that has a middle ages of 18,76 years, 30 women and 30 men. We see that the results of the criteria evaluated by the patients in most cases it coincides whit the orthodontics criteria. The evaluated criteria were the comfort, the cosmetic, the price, the efficiency of the treatment and the duration of the treatment.

The orthodontics are the branch of the dentistry that one entrusts of the alignment of the teeth and of the correction of problems of
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Between them we chose 30 men and 30 women, the middle ages of the patients submitted to study are 18,76 years. No range of age was rejected since though it is a treatment complicated in adults, it is common to see patients of advanced age with orthodontics. We have used questionnaires that we distribute between the studied patients in whom one was asking them about the type of bracket that they use and according to his response they should evaluate it. They had to think about the comfort, the aesthetics, the price, the efficiency of the treatment that refers that to his personal judgment the obtained result is good and finally the duration of the treatment.
The same questionnaire was delivered to 30 orthodontics in order that they were confirming the results obtained of the opinions of the patients. Also one will ask them about the facility of placement of every bracket and if every patient independently from his age needs an adapted study.

Results and analysis.
Of 60 patients submitted to study 15 men and 15 women were using ceramic brackets and 15 men and 15 women were using steel brackets. 25 % of the patients that it was using ceramic brackets was saying that the comfort was little while 75 % normally. 75 % refers to the cosmetic of the ceramic brackets as normal and 25 % as good. Speaking about the price of the ceramic brackets 65 % says that was high and 35 % adapted. For 60 % the efficiency of the treatment was good and

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