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A Foreigner in New York by Ramón Ybarra Rubio


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Maps of New York Area and Manhattan

Comparison of American and British English

A Foreigner in New York


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"Hi, Antonio, it's Jason." "Jason! How are you?! Where are you?!" I hadn't expected to hear Jason's voice when I picked up the phone. The last time I had seen him was more than two years before when I was in my last year of studying journalism and English at Salamanca University. At the time, he had just spent one year of his university studies at Salamanca and had then returned to Boston University to finish his theatre studies. "I'm in New York. I'm finally living here!" he said. "How long have you been living there?" I asked. "I've been here for almost six months," he replied. "I'm sorry that I didn't call or write to you earlier. I wanted to wait until I was settled here. I've finally got an apartment and a regular job. Well, it's not an acting job yet. I'm working as a waiter like every other unemployed actor, but the important thing is that I'm living my dream." "That's great, Jason! I'm really happy for you!" I said. "How are you?" asked Jason. "What are you doing?" "I'm fine," I answered, "and I'm writing articles for a travel magazine." "That's perfect because I haven't forgotten the offer that I made to you before leaving Salamanca," Jason said. Jason and I had become close friends in Salamanca. We shared a lot of the same interests. For example, we both loved movies. Our favourite movie director was Woody Allen and the city that we both really wanted to see was New York. Most of

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