A foreigner in australia

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1. What does WWOOF mean, and how does it work?
Willing Workers On Organic Farms.
You can work on different spots no more than 4 hours and the boss give you where to stay at.

2. What did Antonio offer Daniel and why was it such an excellent opportunity for him?
Antonio talked with the editor about what Daniel is going to do, and he was interested so he told him to work with the magazine, making pictures and the best thing, they can pay him.

Chapter 1
1. What were Daniel’s travel plans in Australia?
He wants to surf on Byron Bay, visit the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree forest.
He also wants to go to Darwin, Adelaide and Melbourne.
2. Who did Daniel meet on the plane and what did he learn about her past?
He met a aborigine
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Many of them died after the disease and malnutrition. They were thousands of miles away from their homes and knew they would never be back home.

2. Why were only the minor criminals sent to Sydney and not the murderers?
Because England wanted to expand his empire and needed people to fill a new country. The murderers couldn't govern a new country, so they sent people who committed minor crimes.
3. Who lived in Australia before the arrival of the English and how were they treated?
About 1500 Eora people, Eora menas “Here” or “From here”.
They were treated bad becuase they were different to the English people.
4. What was The Rocks known for in the 19th century and what happened to it in the end?
It is the oldest part of the town.
Chapter 4
1. Where did Becky want to take Daniel and where does the place get its name from?
She want to take him to the Blue Montains and the name come from the blue mits.
2. How did the three sisters become rocks? three beautiful sisters named Meehni, Gunnedoo Wimlah and the Katoomba tribe. Legend has it that fell in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe. The two tribes were enemies and were not allowed to marry, so the brothers tried to take women by force. There was a great battle and their parents, a witch doctor was afraid that his enemies cogieran their beautiful daughters and take them away away, so

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