Foreigner in australia

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1. What does WWOOF mean, and how does it work?

2. What did Antonio offer Daniel and why was it such an excellent opportunity for him?

Chapter 1
1. What were Daniel’s travel plans in Australia?

2. Who did Daniel meet on the plane and what did he learn about her past?

3. Who were the “stolen generation”?

4. What does the phrase “a fair go for all” mean and why did Mr Rudd use it?

Chapter 2
1. Where did Rick take Daniel and why did Daniel object at first?

2. Describe the people in the café near the beach.

3. Who is Sandy and what did she offer Daniel?

4. What was unusual about the first performance at Sydney Opera House and what does it show about de country?

Chapter 3
1. What do we learn about the
…ver más…
Chapter 8
1. Where did Daniel take Emily and what is the place known for?

2. How could Daniel afford to take the cruise to the Great Barrier Reef?

3. What did Daniel and Emily do next to finance their stay?

4. Why did Daniel and Emily fight?

Chapter 9
1. Why did Emily want to go to Darwin and how were they going to get there?

2. Why did Daniel and Emily feel bad when they returned to the car?

3. What happened on the way to Lammah?

4. What frightening thing happened to Emily?

Chapter 10
1. Who appeared at the right moment and how did it help?

2. What did Daniel suddenly remember when they were leaving Pine Creek and how did it change his and Emily’s plans?

3. How did Daniel and Emily get from Pine Creek to Arnhem Land?

4. What is the significance of the Coroboree ceremony and what happens there? Explain briefly.

5. What is a serious problem amongst the Aboriginal people?

Chapter 11
1. What is strange about the origins of the name of the town, Alice Springs?

2. What is Australia’s main attraction in the desert and what is special about it?

3. Why did Daniel and Emily part before they went to Melbourne?

Chapter 12
1. Who gave Daniel his first ride and why was he happy to leave them?

2. What advice did Sammy give Daniel and how do you think it affected him?

3. Do you think Daniel and Emily will stay together? Explain

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