Cultura deportiva

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-Today I´m going to talk about the main differences between the Spanish Law and the Australian Law, while the Spanish derives from the Roman law, the Australian law derives from the Britain law or Common Law , and also I would like to talk about how I became a lawyer, the reasons and what I can expect it.
-First, I prefer to talk about why I became a lawyer, I don´t know if it is a tradition or conversely it is in my family genes, because my parents, my siblings and me are lawyers. In fact, I decided to be a lawyer because for me was the easiest choice, due to I could have help from my brothers and my parents and then when I will finish It will be easier find a
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The organization of the Spanish law is divided on public law and private law. The public law try to protect the public interest that affected to whole society, and the private law try to solve conflicts between people. Finally, I have to say that Spain belongs to the European Union, and due to the European law is over the Spanish law, if a Spanish law is in conflict with a European law, always the European law will prevail.
In conclusion this is briefing of the Spanish and the Australian law which are completely different, although both are useful and achieve a safer

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