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Energy saviA Broad Line of
Lighting Controls
Featuring Energy-Saving

sP lac e,
hite ct: Elle rbe Be cke t

Technologies for
Institutional, Industrial and OEM Use

G reen technologies just make sense from an economic, environmental and compliance standpoint. And that’s not going to change because the factors driving the movement towards better energy efficiency, like skyrocketing fossil fuel costs and codes mandating higher standards of building efficiency, are here to stay.

E nergy Efficient Lighting Controls

The fact is that lighting consumes a significant portion of the energy in the typical building and that’s why lighting controls that reduce the draw on
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Occupancy Detection

Timed Controls

Occupancy sensors provide automatic switching of lighting and building loads. Not only does this ensure that lights go off when not needed, hands-free switching is extremely convenient because it takes the burden away from whomever is using the space. A new breed of devices, manual-on occupancy sensors, provides maximum savings by requiring user intervention and eliminating false-on triggers. Actual savings from occupancy sensors vary greatly depending on usage patterns and occupant habits.

Using timers to automate switching of lights and other loads is a sure-fire way to ensure that devices remain off for a set period of time. In the home, timer switches automate switching based on programmed or preset times of day (or on manual selection). Whether it’s to keep something from staying on too long, like with a hot tub, or to automate both on and off so that the load is on for a finite period of time, like with a pool filter, electronic timers save electricity. Sophisticated relay systems provide advanced load scheduling based on chronological or astronomical time and are compatible with other lighting controls and sensors for a comprehensive approach that maximizes overall energy savings.

Leviton’s occupancy sensor line includes commercial and residential, wide-view and high-bay, dual-relay and even outdoor models for a broad range of coverage areas and

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